With Home Probe Alberta, you can expect a complete assessment of your new home’s exterior and interior.

During your exterior inspection, John, a Certified Master Inspector will examine the structural integrity, siding and shingles of your home. He will check for cracks, slopes and other weaknesses that could potentially affect your home’s structural integrity and examine the siding for damage, wear due to age or other issues. Additionally, he will inspect the roof for inadequate shingles, blocked gutters and deterioration.

During your interior inspection, he will thoroughly examine your home systems to ensure they are in working order. These systems include your furnace, electrical, plumbing and HVAC. Additionally, he will examine your doors and windows for quality and potential leaks.

A typical home inspection takes approximately 3 to 5 hours and covers all areas of the home available for inspection.

Your Home Inspection


Home Probe Alberta prides itself on providing accurate home inspection reports, giving you confidence in your new home. Your carefully constructed report will provide detailed descriptions and photographs of potential issues, allowing you to be informed of the condition of your new home.

Your Home Inspection Report


Your electronic home inspection report will provide you with accurate results of the condition of your new home, allowing you to make informed decisions on potential repairs needed. The report will include a rating for each item inspected, detailed descriptions and photographs of potential issues taken during the home inspection.

Home Inspections for Sellers


Home inspections are not just for buyers; many sellers now use a home inspection report as a tool in today’s competitive housing market. This report provides the same information as our pre-purchase home inspection, allowing you, the seller to prepare your home for its new owners.

Disclaimer Weather conditions or other circumstances may prevent the Inspector from examining all aspects of the home. These items will be clearly indicated in the home inspection report provided to you.